Tutorial – Como crear máscara de recorte con Photoshop CS6

Máscara de recorte

Puedes crear máscaras de recorte en minutos con Photoshop CS6

Habeis visto alguna vez en material impreso ó en la web imagenes de texto que muestran recortes de fotos en el cuerpo de las letras? la técnica se llama “máscara de recorte”, y es muy fácil de hacer. Se puede crear el effecto con varios paquetes de software editor de imagenes. En este tutorial yo he usado Adobe Photoshop CS6, pero se puede lograr igualmente utilizando culquiera de las ultimas versiones de Photoshop (Adobe Creative Suite). ¡Espero les sea útil!

Photoshop Tutorial – Como hacer máscara de recorte con Photoshop CS6 from M. Ricardo Flores on Vimeo.

Gooru – A promising search engine for educators and students (currently in alpha)

I came across this search engine yesterday. I admit I have not used it yet, but watching the brief video made me curious about it and look forward to trying it out. Have you used it? What do you think of this resource? http://www.goorulearning.org


TUTORIAL: How to allow students to see their scores for the quizzes in Moodle Gradebook.

As soon as students finish a quiz and click the “Submit” button Moodle shows them their score (for example: 89/100, or 100/100, etc.). SO , they do see their score immediately. But, what if you want to make the Gradebook permanently visible them?

You need to do two things. The first is to make your Gradebook visible in your Settings, and the second is to make sure the “eye icon” or reveal/unhide icon is set to visible.

Below are instruction how to do this:

STEP 1 – Click on “settings on the left column

STEP 2 – Locate “Show Grades” on the page and select “Yes” from the drop down menu

STEP 3 – Scroll all the way down and click “Save Changes

STEP 4 – In the Administration block, click on “Grades

STEP 5 – Click the tab named “Categories and Items

STEP 6 – In the “Actions” column, click the “eye” icon to open the eye, and thus reveal the Gradebook permanently

STEP 7 – Click “Save changes

That’s it. You have now made the gradebook permanently visible (well, until you change it again).

TUTORIAL: How to extend the time of a quiz in Moodle (for students who need extra time)

STEP 1 – In the Administration block, click on “Assign Roles

STEP 2 – In the “Roles” column, click on “DSPS* Student“.  (*Your institution may use a different acronym or label here)

STEP 3 – In the search bar, type the student’s name, email,  or ID number (you might have to scroll down if you have a small monitor and cannot see the search bar

STEP4 – In the “Search results” box click on the student’s name to highlight it, and click the “Add” button

STEP 5 – Click on “Assign Roles in Course” (you may have to scroll down if you have a small monitor running at low resolution.

That’s it. You have removed the time limits for this student.

Tutorial – How to export grades from Moodle as an Excel spreadsheet