Sites I Recommend

This post contains links to a variety of pages that I either find inspirational, useful for instructional designers, informative, awesome, and/or all of the above!

I will add more links as I come across them, and if you know of any sites that should be in this list please send them forth and I will include them. Thanks!

These links open in a new window. If they don’t open change your browser setting to allow pop-ups, or in some systems you can either hold down one of the following keys: SHIFT, CONTROL, or COMMAND, at the same time that you click the link.

Here is the list of awesomeness:

Brain Pickings (Interesting curiosities and oddities for discovery-minded people)

d-school (Just pure design awesomeness)

NounProject (Open source editable icons. FREE!)

psdGraphics (Photoshop backgrounds, textures, icons, & tutorials)

Storyviz (Discover content & activities to learn about, teach, and create compelling stories & visual communication. d-school)

TED (Ideas worth spreading)

Visual News™ (a place where you can find daily visual inspiration from around the world)




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