Guidelines for participation in this blog

Postings that feature any of the following will be swiftly deleted:

  • Ad hominem postings — Personal attacks on yours truly or anyone of the participants in this blog is unacceptable. Hateful speech is not welcome here.
  • SPAM — Nobody likes ham in a can. If you are a spammer, bug off!
  • Irrelevant comments – It does not belong here if it is not about: Instructional Design & Technology, Instructional Systems Technology, Learning Design & Technology, Design, Education, Assessment, Corporate Training, eLearning, Online Teaching & Learning, you get the idea.
  • Obscenity — I don’t care about what turns you on.
  • Anonymous Comments — I got nothing to hide, and neither should you. Do not use a false name, or a fake email address. There is Craigslist for that.
  • Inflammatory comments — Defamation of any of the participants in this blog is unwelcome. Keep your libel to yourself.
  • Plagiarism — If it is not your idea or creation don’t lie and say it’s yours. We’ll figure out, and you’ll look foolish. Give credit where credit is due. We all are inspired by the words, and the work of others. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is wrong not to give authors credit for their works or ideas.

If you are unsure whether your post is appropriate, feel free to ask questions in the questions category.

I might revise these criteria if the need arises.

M. Ricardo Flores

I'd love to read your comments

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