What this blog is about

As I am about to embark on my quest for an EdD in Instructional Systems Technology I find it not only relevant, but also necessary to begin logging my reflections as well as any new learnings I come upon in my academic and professional journey.

I intend to use this blog as a “personal” learning/reflection environment that is open to the world and welcomes thoughtful and respectful feedback, questions,  suggestions, and commentary from similarly minded people. I have enclosed the word “personal” in quotation marks, because even though I have personal goals for this blog, it is open to the world, and thus it is also a public forum or community (assuming there is enough interest and external participation).

At this this time I am using the name “instructional design technology” because; a) I could not think of a catchier name, b) WordPress did not have available the other names I thought of, and c) because the title is reflective of my interests and the nature of the content you can expect to find in here.

I will do my best to provide citations in APA style when necessary, and will try to offer a translation in Spanish to hopefully get participation from Spanish-speaking academics and professionals to hopefully enrich the conversations in here by bringing in international perspectives.

M. Ricardo Flores

I'd love to read your comments

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